The Seattle Sweatsuit

The Seattle Sweatsuit

Almost Summer! You know what that means... Summer clothes! This is going to be a particularly exciting change of season in my opinion. This Summer is going to go crazy simply because we haven't seen each other in so long. We've just been stacking online purchase on top of online purchase, assembling a fresh arsenal of new outfits to rock once this whole quarantine thing is over. While looking into the typical trends and themes of summer apparel, I imagined how HOMS might participate in this years AUG look book.

When coming up with new products I always try to give people something to connect with or relate to. My goal is to give you something you can wear, that also makes you feel like you're a part of something bigger. I designed this specific collection to reflect a Seattle Summer. And for those who have not spent a Summer in Seattle, it is unlike anything you've ever experienced. 

Summer means sun, and being from Seattle, you take advantage of Sunny days as if your life depended on it. Therefore, Summer is a sacred period of time for those who call Seattle home. Summer isn't just a season here, it's a lifestyle. 

So, this collection represents the different clothing items you probably want in your closet during a Seattle Summer. Comfy, everyday shorts. A few great t-shirts ready to be taken off at any moment in case a swim presents itself. Lightweight hoodies for morning jogs. Heavy hoodies for beach sunsets. Simple! And all designed to function around activity and being outside! 

Upon finishing the collection, I felt like a little kid again. Looking down at a few different outfits felt like looking back on some of my favorite memories from Summer. I thought deeper about a few specific products and came to the realization that we might be able to claim a whole new look as our own. In that moment, I realized this was deeper than just Summer, this was the Seattle Sweatsuit. 

I'm not saying I invented this look, or that I was the first to wear it, not even close. Rather, I'm simply suggesting a name for the outfit I'm sure everyone has worn at least once in their life. Shorts and a sweatshirt. Pretty vague right! I know, it might be a reach. But when you think of a "sweatsuit" you think of a sweatshirt and matching sweatpants. If you throw Seattle in front of that, now it means the sweatshirt matches a pair of shorts instead. I think the outfit has everything you need for when the sun comes out. 

So, with that I give you the The Seattle Sweatsuit, a perfect fit for Summer spent in the six. Coming very soon!


(photo: Myles Gaskin wearing the Bred Seattle Sweatsuit shot by Kyle McCune)

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