Our Story

Homs stands for heart on my sleeve, and it was founded in 2019 with the goal of changing the way people approach mental health. We believe that through clothing and conversations we can end the stigma surrounding mental illness and create a better world.

When we say our products are "DESIGNED TO IMPROVE MENTAL HEALTH" it means that before we sample colors or test fabrics, our focus is on how we can develop a product that will positively impact others.

No matter how big you are and what people think about you, everybody is dealing with something.

It just means we can have these conversations when people ask how did you get this hoodie or what do these hearts mean, it just starts a conversation. 

The brand has an amazing message but you can only spread the message if you put it on clothes that people want to wear. 

If we can deliver everyone's favorite product, then you have something special. Our goal is to change the world. It's not to get clothes on people's bodies, it's to change the world with the clothes.